Thursday, October 27, 2005

News: Touch screens

Sony is rolling out a new touch screen technology that allows the screen to give feedback to the user, using tiny motors behind the screen. This will help users know if they clicked the spot they intended by getting feedback as if they used a touch pad. It's an interesting technology that could be expended to do much more, such as in mobile games and such.

One thing I noticed is that there's more and more mobile devices with touch screens. It used to be that the only ones with them were the Palm devices. Now, all PDAs introduced seem to have touch screens, and they are even starting to show up in smart phones. The incentive is clear, since when you can remove the keyboard you can fit a much larger screen. However I for one do not want to have to use a stylus every time I use my phone. I can see a day when the super convergence device we will have is only usable with a touch screen, and while it has benefits, not just Pocket PCs need to have a keyboard.


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