Monday, October 24, 2005

Trends: People like camera phones more than music phones

According to a survey done on 2,000 US Internet users, more people said they would like a camera phone rather than a music phone. 52% said they would buy a camera phone against 30% for a phone able to download music. 25% even said they could use a high-resolution camera phone as their primary camera. The full report is available here.

There's always been 2 schools of thought: either you have multiple devices doing one function each, and very good at their function, or you have one device doing everything, but usually less good at everything. This has been the case in cameras, cell phones, portable MP3 players and even portable media devices to view photos and videos. Now with smartphones and even some high end cell phones, you can do everything on one device. Some people prefer it, others prefer to get the best device for each application. As technology advances however, my bet is we'll see smartphones get better and eventually get equal and why not surpass the single use devices. At that point, a lot of companies might go under, but we'll have one heck of a phone.


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