Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Trends: Portable chatrooms, and GPS directions

Think if you could go in class, a party or anywhere, push a button on your cell phone, and all your friends that are nearby would receive an invite to an on-the-fly chatroom. Up to 5 people nearby would be able to send text, images and audio over the air, all on their cell phones. That's one new product KDDI introduced: The Hello Messenger. It works like the push-to-talk function on cell phones that support radio communications, and is being introduced in Japan.

KDDI also introduced a new feature that ties into the video broadcasts people can get on their phones, and can use a GPS device to show you in which direction a store is located. Apparently the school girls are the main users of these new technologies in Japan, where they are always looking for new ways to communicate. Pretty interesting stuff coming up over there!


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