Saturday, November 05, 2005

Article: Best Symbian applications and games

Looking for applications and games for your S60 smart phone is always a challenging thing. There are tons of them online, but they are from a large array of web sites, some less reputable than others. Also most of them are not free, they are either shareware or worse, commercial only. Here's my experience of what I consider 'must have' apps for a S60 smart phone. Except when I say otherwise, these are freeware.

FExplorer is the most widely used file manager tool. The built in file manager does not show everything. This does, and it has tons of features. A word of advice however, since you see the system files, inproper use of this tool will break your phone.

Doom for those old school gamers is one of the most popular game ports. There have been several ports of it to the S60 platform, and this one by WildPalm is available for free.

Wolfenstein 3D / Spear of Destiny If you liked Doom you will like these newly ported Wolf3 and Spear games.

Opera The Opera web browser is, in my opinion, the best browser for mobile phones. It's the only program I paid for, but since then they released a Java version called Opera Mini and this one is free. It's available for S60 and displays almost every web page.

Agile Messenger is the most popular IM supporting AIM, MSN, ICQ and Yahoo. There's some confusion on if the program will change it's price in the future and start charging users, but for now it's available for free with no expiration date.

Mobile GMaps is in my opinion an awesome application. It's a mobile frontend to the Google Maps site. It displays any map or satellite photo, but watch out your data usage as the charges may go up quickly if you don't have an unlimitted data plan with your provider. Google recently released their own Google Local for Mobile too.

Real Player is a popular application that plays Real media, as well as MP3 and 3GPP. It comes by default on most devices but if you don't have it, you can download it here.

OGG Play is another popular media player for OGG and MP3 files.

CellTrack is a tool that displays technical information about the tower your phone is connected to.

Metro is a very useful application that can display routes across the subways and bus lines in many cities around the world.

jmIRC a small Java based IRC client for mobiles. It can be very useful if you need to check up on an IRC server.

Virgin Radio Mobile is a mobile client for the Virgin Radio stations. It's a Symbian application that can connect and stream 3 stations playing music.

There are lots of other applications and games, and you can get them from My-Symbian or All About Symbian. There's also emulators that you can try, allowing you to play NES or Gameboy games on your phone. You should be careful however, there are virus files out there for Symbian devices, so the same warning applies as when downloading PC software: don't download things from unknown sources.


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Here's an updated list for 2008:

Top 10 Symbian Apps:

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