Monday, November 07, 2005

News: Google Local for mobile

Google released Google Local for Mobile. It's a Java application for phones that tie into Google Local and Google Maps. It looks somewhat like Mobile GMaps, but with directions and such. It's nice to see Google come out with mobile support., and here is my review from playing with it for an hour.

First of all it won't work on every device. You need a Java enabled phone, which really means almost all non-BREW phones. Then you'll need data access, and a mobile browser. You then simply go on to download it.

The application shows the map in full screen, with a menu on the right softkey allowing you to do searches and change to satellite view. One nice thing I noticed right away compared with MGMaps, is that the scrolling is smooth instead of being one screen at once, which is very nice. The zooming is also easy to use. Browsing the map is fast enough and the images are loaded like the web based version, one square at a time. It does however take a lot of bandwidth and a simple search will run you into over 100KB of data so make sure you have an unlimited data plan.

For the search function, it's also very nice. The search is basically run on Google's Local service so it's just as powerful, and I had no trouble finding my address. While the web site says it only works in the US, it worked fine in Canada. When trying to get directions, you can either enter an address, or select a point on the map that you already searched for. It will then show you a route and take you across every road one at a time, scrolling the map as needed.

Right now it doesn't support GPS, and really the solutions for real time positioning are rare and expensive. For example, many of the GPS devices that attach to phones sold on eBay do not come with North America maps. Also even if you do manage to get a device with the proper maps, no other application will work with it. For now if you need GPS you're better off with a dedicated GPS device. Hopefully it's something Google Local for Mobile will add in the future.

Overall I think it's a great program, and while many are reporting problems with installing it on their phone, which is to be expected with so many different phone types and providers, once you get it running it's a very useful tool.


At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice review (and fast!).

I downloaded it onto my SMT5600 (ATTWS) with no problems. My only concern is that it is indeed a memory hog (about 4-5MB according to Task Mgr) and a bit slow via the phone.

Other than these observations, this is a very cool app that I will now use instead of Mapquest and similar... Love the Search too. Already used it to find out where to have lunch today (Subway).


At 2:36 AM, Anonymous Hza said...

This is a cool little app - actually, it was pretty powerful - used it to map my way to my parents house from YYZ to YOW. Need to try it on a few more units. I installed it on a 7610b and it's been cool. I'll try it on my 6230 l8r. I figured that performance might be limited by: bandwidth, processor speed and mem. I cleared as much as I could from my internal as I got a low mem warning @ one point. Immediately wondered how it matched up against the NOKIA LD-1W (which I have yet to use). That GPS module might not use up data, but you also need the maps as well. Got in touch with Wayfinder and they do have NorthAm maps (I thought otherwise, but was informed that they did by both WayFinder developers and a Nokia LD-1W user who used it to drive to Quebec city).

Is Google just becoming ubiquitous?



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