Thursday, November 03, 2005

News: N80 = sweetness!

Nokia released information on it's 3 new smart phones, the N71, N80 and N92 at the Nokia Mobility Conference. They are the latest of many smart phones to be announced by Nokia in the last months and look very sweet, especially the N80. From reading user comments on the web, it seems everyone is eagerly awaiting the N80 and forgetting about earlier announced models such as the N70 and E90. It sports everything someone would need in such a phone, including quad band, two UMTS frequncies, 40 MB internal memory plus a SmartSD slot, wi-fi and a 3 megapixel camera. Now if only it came in a clamshell format!

My prediction is 2006 will be the year of the smart phone. Between all the recently announced Windows Mobile and Nokia phones, all due to ship at some point in 2006, we'll see a real war going on between the various platforms. It should be very interesting, and my recent article on smart phones will certainly look very different in a year. If I had to bet on a winner, I'd go with N80 or i-mate SP5.

Some upcoming smart phones:
HTC Wizard (Late 2005)
HTC Tornado (Late 2005)
HTC Apache (Late 2005)
HTC Muse (Mid 2006)
Samsung i300 (Early 2006)
Nokia N90 (Late 2005)
Nokia N91 (Early 2006)
Nokia N71 (Mid 2006)
Nokia N80 (Early 2006)
Nokia N92 (Mid 2006)
Motorola Q (Early 2006)


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