Monday, November 28, 2005

Trends: Cell phones changing China

Cell phones are changing the world in many countries, and in more than one way. From helping developing countries like those in Africa, to helping people to speak up and spread the truth against government lies in China. It's well known China is a repressive country, where facts are what the government decide they are, and news sites can only report what is permitted. Even the Internet has the famous Great Firewall of China. But people found cell phones can be used everywhere to contact others and spread information. During the SARS crisis, cell phones played an important role in China to get the word out when the government was denying everything. Both with calls and SMS messages, China is now the number one country to use cell phones to spread information.

There are over 380 million cell phones in China. A recent survey indicated that over 250 millions would be added within 5 years. Most buyers will be new users, and some fashionable owners changing their current ones. There's more than 5 million new phones sold every month, and the leading vendor is Nokia, whose sales boomed 77% since the start of the year, but China also has some companies exporting phones.


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