Monday, November 28, 2005

Trends: SMS games getting big prizes

Hey it's hardly news that SMS is a hugely popular activity, and even SMS games are something that's very attractive in many countries, but we're now seeing big prizes attached to these games. Last month, New Zealand hosted Push The Button, which was a Battleship game played over SMS messages. More than 115,000 people participated, sending 5.4 million short messages. There were over $150,000 in prizes and the ultimate winner would be able to press the button to sink an old navy ship on November 13. This video shows the spectacular sinking.

In South Africa, Yebo Millionaires is a chance to win up to R1 million and other prizes including cars, in their SMS game. The show is shown every Tuesday night, and the 16 million Vodacom customers can then send a sequence of letters by SMS to get a chance to win prizes. On November 1st, 5 winners received R20,000 each. And those are just small examples of what's going on in the SMS gaming world. Several games and quizes are available to those who can find them.


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