Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Trends: Sports to be the driving force behind cell phones

One little known fact is that porn is in large part responsible for broadband Internet access having reached so many homes in only a few years. For good or for bad, that's the number one content that broadband users get. This industry however has stayed away for the most part from both cell phones and mobile devices in general. The main reason seems to be that these devices are very actively pushed to kids. Now it seems it's another driving force that will push cell phones in the end of many users: Sports.

It would appear cell phones are becoming sports central for many people. From SMS based game results, to mobile web based information, and streaming video with live game footage, the features for sport fans are endless. For example ESPN reached agreements with many companies to provide information and live feeds to cell phones. But information is not all that's available. There are sport games from various companies, such as Madden for mobiles from EA Sports.

Providers are also betting on sports being a driving force behind cell phone purchases. Rumors in industry insiders hint that the providers are betting big on the FIFA World Cup in Europe to attract users to higher end cell phones able to display streaming video, and to their high speed networks. Then there's also all the phone branding issues that play in. There's nothing like having a phone with a face plate featuring your favorite sport player.


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