Friday, December 02, 2005

Article: Mobile blogging

Blogging is what millions of people do now. Since it's such a popular and modern activity, it only makes sense to extend this to mobile devices, so you can blog anywhere in the world. This is called mobile blogging, and there are simply tons of ways you can blog from your phone.

The simplest way is with text via email. Any modern cell phone will allow you to send emails, if you have a data plan, and sending text usually costs very little. All you need is a blog that supports email posting. If you have a Blogspot account for example, in the settings there is an email tab with the option to turn on email blogging. Then all you need to do is send your blog entries to the email address you specify there, with the title in the email title and the post in the email body.

Posting images can be trickier. Some services exist that allow you to post images directly to your blog, but those usually require that you send them via MMS. The problem with that is providers usually charge a lot for sending MMS, such as $0.50 each. If you have a mobile web browser, then you can use one of the many image sharing web sites. Some even have a special mobile interface such as Flickr. Also note that if you're using Opera, they offer a mobile community that includes mobile blogging, but the pictures still have to be sent with MMS.

Then there are services that provide applications that will handle mobile blogs for you. Those are usually centered around pictures, since that's what most people want to blog about with a camera phone while on the road. There are some professional ones from phone manufacturers such as Lifeblog from Nokia. There are also free services such as SplashBlog, which is basically a web site that allows you to have an image gallery, and an application for your mobile device that allows you to select pictures on your phone and synchronize them to the web site.

Lastly, note that when you transmit data from your phone, like any wireless connection, information could potentially be intercepted. So it's best not to use this for private or highly sensitive information. From having tried several of those services, I think the free ones are plenty for most people. If you have the bandwidth for it, and remember that transfering pictures will take a lot of bandwidth and potentially cost a lot depending on your data plan, it's well worth it. I'll leave you with this nice site which is a blog host specialized in travel blogs, which contains thousands of blogs from tourists in every countries of the world.


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