Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Canada: Rogers Wireless data plans explained

Data on a mobile device should be straight forward. You use the built in data applications such as the email client or WAP browser, or you download your own applications like Google Maps, and you can use them. Unfortunatly, all providers have complicated things very much, and finding the right information on what each plan means and what you need to access which service can be complicated. I'll explain how the Rogers Wireless data plans work and what they include, as well as links to more information.

Starting with the most basic, people using Pay as you Go (prepaid) have access to everything by default. You may need to call in to have the data block removed, just so they can warn you about usage charges, but once that's done you can use any Internet feature, except some streaming media. This includes both WAP and web pages (if you have a web browser such as Opera Mini) as well as email and other applications. The charges you have to pay currently are $0.02 per web page viewed, and downloads are free.

When you are on a contract, you need to add a Navigate or a Data plan. There are various Navigate plans available, and those are the most basic plans you can get to have access to data services. They will let you access WAP pages and download up to 500K ($3 plan) or 1M ($7 plan). You need to pay for all additional bandwidth. Note that you will only have limited access to the mobile Internet with these plans, and don't expect a lot of other applications to work.

For complete access, and a much bigger bandwidth limit, you can look at the Data plans. These will allow you to access almost everything from your mobile device, and will also allow you to use your device to connect a laptop. They also include a nice service called MyMail, which allows you to have your email forwarded to your phone.

Lastly, you may need to configure your phone to access the right network settings, depending on your plan. If you bought a Rogers branded phone, it should already be configured with several access points. The ones usually used are GoRogers for WAP, Internet (Data) or Goam (Navigate) for Internet access, and Media for MMS. Also remember to allow network access for any application you download in your phone settings. Their support line can help you configure an unbranded device.


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