Wednesday, December 14, 2005

On the ground: Korea demands standard connector

So Korean providers have decided to demand a single connector for phones sold in South Korea. This means that phones from all manufacturers would have to use that standard connector for data and charge, which doesn't currently exist, since all manufacturers use their own proprietary ports.

In theory it's an excellent idea that would allow people to keep their existing accessories across phones, and stores could carry a single set of equipment for all phones. In practice however, manufacturers won't want that, because they sell their own accessories often at premium prices. If this rule is indeed implemented, I suspect we won't see manufacturers change their ports worldwide to comply. What I suspect is that they will just make a special South Korea model of a couple of their phones featuring this new connector. That country just isn't big enough to force companies to change their handsets worldwide, and what will likely happen is they will have access to a more limited set of phones.


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