Monday, December 05, 2005

On the ground: Survey says cell phones are popular

There are surveys on anything and everything, and it seems cell phones are the focus of more and more surveys. You don't really need a survey to tell you cell phones sell well, are used everywhere, and will continue to sell even better. It can however be interesting to know the numbers.

For example, Gartner says sales of camera phones will reach 295.5 millions in 2005. What I found more interesting however is that this represents 34% of the phone sales this year, which means 66% are cell phones without a camera. This sorta hints that the low end market, especially in developing countries, is the biggest push right now, as we're seeing developed countries being saturated with cell phones.

Another study sorta confirms that, saying cell phones in china outnumber PCs 3.6 to 1. You'll find more than 3 cell phones for every PC, which is understandable for a country where most people still live in rural areas, with power issues and low connectivity.

A somewhat more amusing survey says 45% of students think it's ok to send and receive SMS in class. Now only 4% think it's ok to talk on a cell phone in class, which is good obviously, but text messaging is becoming part of kids lives, and teachers have to handle that.

Lastly, there are those studies which aren't really studies, but really a company executive doing some PR, like Nokia's CEO making predictions that others made before him, like that China will have more cell phones than the US.


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