Friday, December 09, 2005

Trends: Pet games

Pets living on mobile devices aren't exactly new, and they have been a huge success in some Asian countries, but they are just now gaining in popularity in North America. A new phone game called Twitchr is currently in testing. It's basically an application that loads on your phone and displays a garden, and a bird can visit you at random times. It also supports bluetooth so 2 phones can communicate and birds can go from one to the other, and users can capture them. This follows another similar game called Telegotchi from earlier in the month, which is an e-pet which has an emotional state linked to the physiological state of other players, via SMS.

More complex e-pet games exist for other mobile platforms, a well known one being Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS. Now all I want is someone to port Nintendogs to the phone so I don't have to buy a DS!


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