Wednesday, January 04, 2006

News: CES announcements

CES is underway this week in Las Vegas, and like every year, there's a lot of new gadgets that get announced and demo'd. If you're interested in new devices you should check out the full coverage.

Some of the interesting announcements are a bunch of 3G enabled phones that take advantage of the high speed networks that every provider has been working on in the past year. With both EVDO and UMTS being deployed in a big hurry in North America, it was to be expected.

Motorola also announced a Bluetooth keyboard for text messaging. It also includes an LCD screen so you don't have to look on the screen. This could be useful for casual text messagers but people who text a lot may be better off using a device with a keyboard integrated.

It also seems this year CES will be a lot about video, and this may turn out to be the year of video. From a host of recent portable video players, to satellite based video services, soon we'll be able to watch anything, anywhere.


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