Monday, January 02, 2006

Trends: Holiday greetings by SMS

A recent survey by an AOL firm found that a large number of people are sending holiday greetings by text messaging this year, as opposed to the traditional greeting card or even web based cards. Europe is again ahead of the curve, with up to 92% of people in Italy sending "Happy New Year" messages with their cell phone. It's not surprising that these numbers are jumping way up. One study showed that in June 2005, 7.2 billion text messages were sent, up from 2.8 billion last year.

Text messaging use is sure to continue rising in 2006, pushed mainly by teens. While North America lags behind Europe and some Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea, new fashion phones and new services are helping. In the US, the RAZR dominates the market in sales, and it's not because of it's technical breakthroughs, it's because of it's look.


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