Monday, February 06, 2006

On the ground: Rumors, overreaction and hypocrisy

The Muslim world has been up in arms in the past few weeks. It seems they are now very easy to push toward violence. There are now reports that one recent burning was initiated after false rumors were sent by SMS messages. Talk about overreaction there. It goes to show that taking any single source information, regardless the source or the information, is a bad idea. Overreacting to it is plain dangerous.

This whole deal is out of control. These people, and more precisely their religious leaders, are using a minor incident to push people toward mass protests and violence. One cartoon in Europe showing some religion figure in a satire is hardly more than a minor incident. Yet the muslim leaders act all outraged, completely forgetting the fact that while it may be illegal to do that in muslim countries, it is perfectly legal in Europe. Furthermore, these same muslim countries display anti christian and anti Israel pictures in their own newspapers and media ON A WEEKLY BASIS, then act all outraged about this one cartoon? Complete utter hypocrisy. It was never about the cartoon, it's about special interest, some fanatic leaders wanting more violence and less coverage about what goes on in their own communities.


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