Thursday, February 09, 2006

Trends: Skype and phone integration

One center part of the ultimate convergence device would be the ability to switch from cell phone calls to VoIP (Voice over IP) calls on the same wireless device. For now, we've seen Skype phones that allow you to call people over the Skype network, and wireless cell phones which can connect to a wi-fi network and may eventually allow VoIP calls.

For now a new company introduced an interesting alternative. Eqo Communications has a service that allow cell phones to select a buddy on your Skype list and do a regular cell phone call to them. It works by using a Java applet on any cell phone that supports Java, and then the service translates the buddy name to its phone number and alerts the other user of an incoming call. This also allows people not to give out their phone number to all their Skype buddies.


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